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Release of the Golf

April 9, 2009

All three main newspapers ran headlines this morning about the release of the new Volkswagen Golf. Each journalistic style gives the reader a different image of what kind of car is coming to the market. The newspapers, however, did all focus on the ability of the new car to have better gas mileage.


  • Nikkei – (Glamorous) What’s very interesting about the Nikkei’s description is it cleverly overlooks the VW being an imported car, where as Yomiuri and Asahi focus on the fact that it’s a German car. It starts off with “Volkswagon Group Japan” has made an announcement. The Nikkei then starts into the description with phrases such as “equipped with a new form of engine”, “technology of a high quality car” and “the parts have been actively pioneered to increase a feeling of high class.” It makes you wonder who Nikkei’s sponsors are…
  • Yomiuri – (Economical) Yomiuri is the only newspaper that uses the term “hatchback” to describe the golf. I’s 5 person capacity makes you think more about a family vacation than “high class”. Also when describing the gas mileage of the new model, they claim “while driving on the road the car’s gas mileage has been developed to have 16 kilometers to the liter.” Nikkei describes gas mileage development as “gas consumption performance.”


  • Asahi – (Safe) Asahi was the only newspaper to mention that the VW has airbags, and in fact mentions it in the title right along with “gas mileage”. It also gives an estimate for gas  mileage (in kilometers) per liter of 16.2 to 16.8, which was higher than both what the Yomiuri and Nikkei predicted of a flat 16. Still not convinced it’s the safest car? They then go onto describe Volkswagon has sold 26 million cars worldwide since 1974, and particularly in Japan they’ve sold 510,000.
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