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Japanese Grocery Stores in New York

September 29, 2009

How can you make Japanese or other Asian recipes without the right ingredients? Large US grocery chains often have an “international” aisle, but the pickings are usually slim. But there are many small Japanese grocery stores in Manhattan and the other boroughs, as well as several online resources available for those who don’t feel like traveling to a brick-and-mortar store. Many Chinese or Korean markets also have a lot of common Japanese ingredients for cheaper prices, so it’s probably best to go to a Japan-specific store when you’re looking for a more obscure ingredient. Blue markers are Japan-centric stores, and red markers are for primarily Chinese or Korean groceries. Just zoom on the map for more details!

Online grocery stores:

Japan Super
California-based grocery that ships to the contiguous 48 states. A sample order gave me a flat shipping rate of $15 to Manhattan.

Lots of different products here with a $4.99 flat shipping rate and free shipping with an order over $75.

Asian Food Grocer
California-based store that ships by FedEx (not a flat rate).

Koa Mart
California-based Korean grocery that also has a fair amount of Japanese foods. Ships by UPS or USPS (not a flat rate).

I have never ordered from any of these online stores, but I have seen Japan Super recommended quite a few times on forums and blogs. The NYC Google map is far from exhaustive, so please let me know if you have any other stores to recommend (especially ones outside of Manhattan)!


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